Actionable Keys for Cultivating Powerful Conversational Change

The way we communicate has the potential to build our relationships up or tear them down. Either way, we have the final say in this.

Actionable Keys for Cultivating Powerful Conversational Change
Actionable Keys for Cultivating Powerful Conversational Change

Table of contents

Good communication is a coward free zone
The main goal in communicating
Communicating with maturity
Communicating isn’t just talking
The blocks to communication depth

Good communication is the key that unlocks and gives depth to our relationships.

Relationships are the network of life, and the overall quality of our life will be determined by the quality of relationships that we keep.

Good communication is a coward free zone

Communication is a Coward Free Zone

Communication is a process through which people exchange their thought, feelings, and understanding through verbal and non-verbal messages.

  1. If you don’t understand yourself, how could you ever understand someone else who has a different perspective and set of life experiences than you?
  2. Would you choose to be friends with someone who spoke to you in the same way that you talk to yourself?

Disempowered people base their day-to-day communications upon a foundational fear of truth and dishonesty.

You’ll commonly recognize disempowered people through their passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive communication styles. Incidentally, none of which being conducive to a healthy discussion.

Passive Communicators

Passive communicators are scared people who do their best to convince others that everyone else is more important than what they are.

Aggressive Communicators

It’s quite obvious how threatening another person (physically, mentally, or emotionally) can shut down communication and even destroy a relationship. Many people choose this communication style.

Passive-Aggressive Communicators

Dealing with passive-aggressive people can be one of the most challenging aspects of managing our day-to-day relationships. Passive-aggressive is a ‘difficult to interpret’ personality quirk of men and women who choose to express themselves in indirect and backhanded ways.

Assertive Communicators

Assertiveness has been defined as being willing to stand for your rights (or other’s rights) in a calm and collected way, without being passive, aggressive, or dishonest in any way.

The main goal in communicating

The Main Goal in Communication

Over the years, I’ve recognized a pattern in how healthy relationships aren’t based on what we can get from them but are based upon what we can invest in them.

“Without building unconditional acceptance in our relationships, there can be no mutual respect.”

So, moving forward, build better relationships by becoming the kind of person for others who you always wanted for yourself. May you offer other people the opportunity to experience what it is to be unconditionally accepted.

Communicating with maturity

Communicating With Maturity

Character traits are the aspects of a person’s behavior and attitudes that make up that person’s personality. We all have character traits, some good and some bad.

Offer People Results, Not Alibis!

Regardless of their ‘good intentions’, there are many people who make promises and commitments that they somehow never get around to honoring.

Communicating isn’t just talking

Communicating Isn’t Just Talking

Many people believe that talking to someone is communicating. But talking isn’t communicating unless it has a specific goal and purpose.

  1. Pretending: When we’re trying to show someone that we’re interested, but we aren’t!
  2. Selective listening: When we only hear what we expect to hear.
  3. Attentive listening: When we pay close attention to what someone is saying to us.
  4. Empathic listening: When we focus on listening to what someone else is trying to say to us.

The blocks to communication depth

The Blocks To Communication Depth

Just having a desire for depth in our communications, is not enough. If desire alone were sufficient, we would all be fully satisfied, content, fulfilled, and at peace with everyone, we know for the rest of our lives.

“Discipline is something that no-one likes but that most people admire!”

The biggest problem with superficiality is that it is shallow and without depth. Superficial communication might look OK on the surface, but when misunderstandings or other problems arise (which are inevitable), that lack of relationship depth will become painfully transparent.

“If someone’s not mature enough to handle the truth, stop talking with them!”

‘Casting our pearls to pigs’ is a phrase we can use to describe being honest about ourselves with those who aren’t yet mature enough to embrace our truth (our thoughts, feelings, worldviews, etc.)

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