How to Recognise Phishing Email?

Phishing refers to fake email messages that appear to come from a legitimate company. The messages are designed to trick the recipient into giving personal information to fraudsters. Some phishing messages including malware attachments.

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How Can I Tell it’s Phishing Email?

Question 1: Do you recognize the email address?

If yes, still be cautions before clicking a link. If no, do not click any links. Look out for email address stated in From field that looks similar to but not same as company’s official email address. Fraudsters often use free email accounts with company names in them to fool you.

Question 2: Are there any attachments in the email?

If so, do not click on the attachment.

Question 3: Does the email request personal information?

If so, do not reply.

Question 4: Does the email contain grammatical errors?

If so, be suspicious.

Questions 5: Are they addressing you by name? or just generic greeting such as “Dear Customer” or “Dear Member”?

If not, be wary. Fraudsters often send thousands of phishing emails at one time but they seldom have your name.

Question 6: Have you checked the link? Mouse over it and check the URL. Does the link look like it will take you to a suspicious fake website?

If so, don’t click on it. Fraudsters often include a link to a fake website includes a company’s logo or looks like the real page to trick you into disclosing your user name and password.

Questions 7: Urgent action required containing phrases like “your account will be closed,” “your account has been compromised,” or “urgent action required.”

Fraudster is taking advantage of your concern to trick you into providing confidential information.


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