Retailers Marketing Campaigns According to Customer Behavior

We took a look at how 15 top retailers are marketing today using customer behaviour to tailor messaging.

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Our Marketing Makeover Model

The Welcome Campaign

73% of consumers are using multiple channels to shop

Welcome to Our Brand

Let Me Show You Around

We Thought You Might Like This

The Foundations of the Ideal Welcome

The Promotional Campaign

Whether using modal overlays, capturing contacts, or transferring data to your ESP, make sure to pressure test your acquisition points. Your promotions will be better personalized if you have the insight into where and when users are interacting with your brand and help propel them further along your customer journey. — Leah Lloyd, Senior Director of CRM & Email, Tinuiti

Did You Find Everything You Want

We Thought You Might Like This

A Word About Mobile

Using In-App for Personalized Content

There’s no such thing as too much creative messaging! Overestimate your creative needs, especially during the holiday season. If you think you need three versions, plan for five or six and test them against your evergreen concepts. Not only will you be ready at a moment’s notice, but you’ll also have backups in the event one concept underperforms. — Shani Rosenfelder, Head of Content & Mobile Insights, AppsFlyer

The Foundations of the Ideal Promotion

The Cart Abandonment Campaign

When targeting users who abandon their carts, it can get a bit tricky as users go from mobile to desktop to even purchasing in-store. Tracking these movements gets easier when you employ a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and couple this technology with engagement tools to monitor behavior. One thing to look out for is deterministic matching, which lets you define a data point to identify actions as coming from the same person. — Matt Parisi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tealium

We Noticed You Left Something Behind

We Noticed You Left Something Else Behind

With digital shopping rapidly increasing, it is essential for retailers to implement an effective app marketing strategy. In particular, a cart abandonment strategy can help not only to encourage customers to complete transactions but also to re-engage users with your app, creating long-term, loyal users. The quickest way to create a seamless cross-channel interaction is to deep link cart items from your email campaigns directly to the app to encourage conversion. — Mick Rigby, CEO, Yodel Mobile

The Foundations of the Ideal Cart Abandonment

A Complete Personalization Makeover

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