See How Innovative Organizations Resolve Cloud Challenges

This trio of case studies highlights three unique organizations tackling common challenges with innovative, talent-focused approaches.

See How Innovative Organizations Resolve Cloud Challenges
See How Innovative Organizations Resolve Cloud Challenges
See How Innovative Organizations Resolve Cloud Challenges

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T-shaped skills, cloud-shaped victories

About Thomson Reuters

From data centres to the cloud

The cloud lets us scale up to store that data much more quickly and cost-effectively than buying and cooling all that hardware ourselves.

“It’s time for us to invest in the public cloud,” says Thomson Reuters lead software engineer Dan Mohrland.

Paving the way for cloud

Instead, Berg continues, “we want to pave the road to cloud for our teams, show them the way, but also give them some guardrails so they don’t veer into the ditch.”

The only way for us to succeed in cloud is to skill up teams to do their own migrations. — Mike Berg, Director of Service Development at Thomson Reuters

Cloud fluency: a T-shaped skill

ACG’s multicloud course library is huge for us, because we have so many different products and technology stacks across our organization. — Mike Berg, Director of Service Development at Thomson Reuters

Building cloud gurus, one course at a time

Like a pilot going from flying a jet to flying a rocketship, even experienced engineers benefit from concentrated cloud education.

To the cloud and beyond

“Studies show that when just 10% of people are committed to a new idea, it creates an unstoppable ripple effect across the organization,” says A Cloud Guru SVP of Cloud Transformation Drew Firment. “And Thomson Reuters shows no signs of slowing down in their rush to cloud success.”

Accelerate cloud fluency

96% of ACG business customers see results in 6 months

Upskilling students to meet cloud talent needs.

About Miami Dade College

Cloud in the classroom

A new school of thought

About the Cloud Computing Center

Those who can and teach

A cloud syllabus

No more pencils, no more books

To the cloud and beyond

Why build talent rather than buy it?

The student becomes the master.

[A Cloud Guru] wasn’t just for passing the exam. It gives you hands-on experience as well, which is something that other platforms try to do. But they’re not as in-depth or easy to follow. — Elias Marcet, Student at Miami Dade College

Progress report

Get schooled on hands-on learning.

85% of ACG learners say they retain more by doing

Continuous learning, continuous improvement

About CloudCheckr

Cloud Knowledge is Table Stakes

“Cloud training is absolutely table stakes for any sales organization in the cloud space,” Fitts emphasizes. “If you’re not pursuing a base level of foundational certifications, you’re not serious. It’s that simple.”

The First Push: 60 in 60

The push proved successful, with employees racking up 80 certifications and an 85% pass rate.

Taking it to the next level

Push #2: 80 certs in 80 days

“One really interesting thing to note is that we’re seeing people who failed their CCP exams last time around passing far more challenging associate exams this time out.”

From knowledge to outcomes

A Cloud Guru’s Cloud Playground and Hands-on Labs made it easy for us to play around and learn in a protected environment where no one had to be worried about breaking something in our app or incurring unintentional costs. — Frank Ashcraft, Director of Software Engineering at CloudCheckr

A future of continuous learning

One priority for the coming year is to develop the same level of competence in Azure and Google Cloud Platform that they’ve developed in AWS.

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