Use the Right Data To Transform Your Business Brand Experience

The right data will guide your success. The wrong data can set you off course. Learn what the best merchants are leveraging to create businesses that last.

Table of contents

Ad Creatives — Shoelace: Making ad creatives that convert…using your data

A data-centric approach to creatives

Establish a strong creative baseline

Make iterative changes to build a knowledge base for creatives

Refine results with targeted creatives

Creatives + copy best practices

Emails — Omnisend: How to make your email marketing feel personal

Using data and email marketing to deliver a human touch

New email subscribers and data collection

“Listen” to your new subscribers

Humans text and you should too

Personalize your entire marketing program

About Omnisend:

Loyalty — LoyaltyLion: Get personal with a loyalty program

Loyal customers

At-risk customers

Churned customers

About LoyaltyLion

Customer Service — Gorgias: A data driven, human approach to omnichannel support

Get integrating

Ready to level up your customer service game?

Personalization — LimeSpot: Creating consumer-centric experiences with AI personalization

Personalization, once limited mainly to targeted offers, now extends to the entire customer experience. This means that customers want personalization throughout their interactions with a retailer-with multiple, personalized touchpoint that enable them to allocate their time and money according to their preferences. In the best personalized experiences ….customers receive offers that are targeted not just at customers like them, with brands targeting at the segment level with broad-based offers, but at them as individuals, with products, offers and communications that are uniquely relevant to them. — McKinsey & Company, April 2020

Staffing challenges are a major impediment to personalization efforts. In fact, 74% of marketing leaders report they struggle to scale their personalization efforts. — Gartner Market Survey, 2019

You’re not behind your competitors; you’re behind customers-behind their expectations. — Brendan Witcher, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Using A/B testing experiences for ongoing optimization

Doing nothing is not an option

Data Collection — Octane AI: The power of ecommerce quizzes to collect buyer profile data with every opt-in

Use Shoppable Quizzes for email, Facebook Messenger, and SMS opt-ins

Best practices for quiz creation

Power the rest of your marketing from one touchpoint

The types of quizzes you can create

Fulfillment — ShipBob: Leveraging Logistics and Shipping Data to Improve the Customer Experience

Reducing costs and speeding up deliveries

“We want the customer experience of purchasing on our website to be similar to Amazon Prime. This is possible with ShipBob, without inflating the shipping cost to an insane level. To do this, we strategically place products around the country. We are storing inventory in three of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers: Moreno Valley, California; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Dallas, Texas. These locations map out nicely with our customer base as we have a large group in the South and also get coverage on the West Coast and in the Midwest.” — Tim Fink, Co-Founder of EnduroSport

Forecasting inventory and managing SKU velocity

How ShipBob shares fulfillment data with its merchants

“It’s paramount for people to feel confident that they will receive their products in the shortest amount of time possible. We’d hate to see our customers go somewhere else because we don’t offer 2- day shipping, so during our third holiday season with ShipBob, we used their 2-Day Express program.” — Francesca Cavallo, Co-Author of Rebel Girls

Returns — loop: The most valuable feedback for your business comes when customers return a product

“Return reasons are the negative brand interactions you need to hear to actually improve and move your business forward.” — John Maddelone (Baseballism)

How to change your customer experience with return reasons

Return reason #1: Item didn’t fit

Return reason #2: Item wasn’t what I expected

Figuring out the rest

“Collecting return reasons gives our customers a voice, and lets us make improvements throughout our supply chain.” — Charlie Carlisle (Love Your Melon)

How to collect the return reasons you need more effectively

Set your questions and options by product type

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